Some of my earliest plant related memories include tasting the sweet nectar of a honeysuckle plant during nursery school, taking flying leaps into leaf piles with my dad and caring for vegetables, perennials and ornamental shrubs with my mother in our garden. And always there were the great forests of the East Coast with their deciduous trees, beautiful fall color and rolling hills.

About 15 years ago, I moved from a career path that combined social service and paralegal work to pursue a career in Horticulture. Although I still remain an advocate at heart, this was a decision I have never regretted.

I studied first at University of Washington and then transferred to Edmonds Community College where my goal was to obtain enough skills to start my own business. With great relish and enthusiasm, I took practically every horticulture class I could, worked in the campus greenhouse and as my Landscape Management business grew, I returned to school to study Landscape Design and graduated with honors. While in school, I was honored to receive 2 scholarships and acceptance to three internships: The Bellevue Botanical Garden http://www.bellevuebotanical.org/, Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania https://longwoodgardens.org/, and The Miller Botanical Garden http://www.millergarden.org/. Each internship provided valuable hands-on experience and learning from skilled, interesting and experienced gardeners. They also helped to mold a keen sense for design and how I practice my business.

My passion for horticulture grows as I continue to delight in connecting clients to their gardens. Every day brings the opportunity to see something of beauty. As we become more and more disconnected with our roots in the earth, I try to rekindle that sense of connectedness to nature in hopes of bringing inspiration and harmony. My favorite plants include but are not in any way limited to: Trilliums for the way they surprise and delight in the spring, Cornus alternifolia 'Argentea' for its delicate white margined leaves, elegant structural element and small white flowers, Abies koreana for its distinctive violet blue cones that stand upright on the branches and dark green and silvery needles and any Mahonia for their outstanding native qualities, bright yellow hummingbird buffet of flowers and outstanding winter color. Oh and I am always happy with a sunflower.

When not gardening I enjoy hiking our beautiful mountains, bird watching, sailing, reading, cooking and spending time with my partners in crime: Sir Wilson "Willie" of Edmonds and Fidget.

Phone: 206-229-9942